The blade has a Scandi grind throughout. The Mora Companion: The Best Twenty Dollars You’ll Spend on Gear, This is the Worst Multi-Tool I’ve Ever Used — Don’t Buy It, Let the Black Diamond Astro Headlamp Light your Way, Ready for an Amazing Race? Stoked to start AND wear these bad boys. Then there’s the steel. At a Glance: Our Choices for The 7 Best Morakniv Knives, 7 Best Mora Knives in 2020: Affordable Blades for Bushcraft and Survival,, The Mora Eldris has a total of 3 grinds, this is not only more time consuming, it’s also more expensive and you have to set up three different grinds for just one knife, that’s not cheap. Pros: (+) Handle is great for those with small hands (+) Light to carry (+) Thick blade for durability Cons: (-) Conversely, the handle may be too small (-) Thicker, not so good for carving. It is a little thinner compared to the Robust, or the other more survivalist-oriented Moras. Like all Mora knives, the Companion is made in Mora, Sweden. There’s a new, muscular feel to the handle, with an added curve filling out its already excellent grip. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit"; Some knives boast a full tang, but I feel that in a knife of this size to be used as an outdoor tool, a three quarters tang is more than sufficient, and a full tang would add excess weight to knife. The Mora Garberg got a lot of attention at Shot Show 2016 since it was their first full-tang knife. The tang on a Companion goes about three quarters of the way into the plastic of the handle. I talk to a lot of people (both in person and via this site) that have never owned or used a fixed blade knife. 99 Morakniv Companion Heavy Duty Knife with Stainless Steel Blade, 4.1-inch 4.8 out of 5 stars 287 Don’t get me wrong, they are both great knives, and for the price you can’t go wrong with either one. Toward the mid-range of pricing, Morakniv does make some knives that are a bit more substantial and they even offer a full tang model. This experience was the detonator for him to pursue learning and becoming better prepared to face the kind of unexpected disasters that may occur at any point in our lives. But like a twin who’s decided to hit the gym, here’s where the stats start to swell. The end goes through a washer and is hammered like a rivet. The Best Gerber Knives for Your Outdoor Adventures. New Companion Heavy Duty vs. first Companion vs. original Clipper, in this order: Overall length: 8 7/8 -- 8 5/8 -- 8 … They even make knives designs for children who are learning to use a knife. Currently, only a carbon model is available. Some other features of this knife are the TPE rubber handle, which is ergonomically designed and very comfortable. In the case of the Kansbol, it has a combination grind, with a Scandi grind coming up from the handle and then tapering into more of a flat grind. Leading more adventurous lives, one day at a time. The Mora Companion, however, is an excellent tool that’s accessible to everyone. #Election2020 #joebiden #publiclands. It does handle light batoning well, though, and splitting wood from about 1-3 inches in diameter is well within its capabilities. When it comes to a heavy duty bushcraft knife, I’ll always go with a high quality PKS, but for all of my lighter tasks, I reach for the Mora. Morakniv Garberg Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife with Carbon Steel Blade, 4.3-Inch 4.8 out of 5 stars 812 $84.99 $ 84 . © 2018 SURVIVOR'S FORTRESS. As you use it, you will also begin to see the advantage of the tapered grind for performing more delicate work, and the smoothness of the Scandi portion for slicing. The Companion HD is everything the regular Companion is, only a little more so. My favorite is the Bushcraft Black, but you really can’t go wrong with any of them. When it comes to batoning, if you want to split wood that is about 1” in diameter, this knife will work well and can go as high as 3” in diameter. The knife tang narrows and extends into the handle about 3/4 of the way in; it’s not a full-tang blade. The Bushcraft Survival also features a Scandi grind along the entire length of the blade, and the blade itself is carbon steel. The steel is hardened to HRC 58-60. The difference in price between the two blades in this article is because you picked the stainless steel variety of the Companion rather than the carbon steel version, whereas the Bahco is carbon steel. In other words, Moras are not meant to double as hatchets or other blade tools, they are knives that are meant to be used as knives. A Morakniv is always made in Mora, in our factory in the village of Östnor, where it’s been located for centuries. I hadn’t seen the children’s knives, but I think it’s a brilliant idea. MSRP: $22 ... Mora Garberg Full Tang Knife - Carbon Steel - Multi Mount Sheath. It is not quite full tang, but the length does provide for heavy-duty and long-lasting use. This is a high quality, full tang knife for under £110 has a top grade 14C28N Sandvik stainless steel blade … Best Neck Knife: 10 Stellar Options at Your Disposal for 2020, Best Pocket Knives Under $100: Budget Friendly Options For 2020, Best Camping Knife: 10 Excellent Options For 2020, Best Pocket Knife Brands: From High-end to Affordable Quality Knives for EDC, Best Rescue Knife for 2020: Top Picks for First Responders, Best Survival Knives: 10 Dependable Options In 2020, The 10 Best Zero Tolerance Knives in 2020: Tough Blades for Demanding Users, The 10 Best SOG Knives in 2020 for EDC and Survival. Please leave your opinions, experiences, and knowledge about Moras below and get the conversation started. Don’t use the tip of the blade to do any prying (actually, don’t do that anyway). That being said, there is also something of an art to finding gear that has both the features and durability you need and doesn’t break the budget in the process. After even moderate use the knife ended up looking like a puppy’s chew toy three weeks after you throw it away. amzn_assoc_linkid = "6ebfb47cbad0d826ecafe3335e2c4dc8"; Compare that to the current price of the previously mentioned ESEE 4… amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "intrdail-20"; That’s not a criticism of the Mora, but if a full tang is a priority to you, the Mora Companion might not be the right knife for you. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Mora knives don’t have a place in your survival gear. I would prefer a sheath that could be worn horizontally across my back on my belt, or has additional options for holding my firestarter. Companion is the perfect knife for an adventure, a real all-round knife. If you are looking for a cheaper Mora knife that can handle heavier duty tasks, then the Companion Heavy Duty Knife will be a good option. I’ve only broken one (doing something stupid that I knew I shouldn’t have been doing to the blade) and the rest keep trucking along. amzn_assoc_asins = "B017RHBACU"; This lightness helps to make it a practical knife that can be used for everyday chores, as well as out on the trail, or at the campsite. Weighing in at 124.5 grams, you don’t have to worry about wearing yourself out while performing tasks like cutting rope or batoning firewood. A $20 knife? The Morakniv Kansbol is a flexible and lightweight knife, weighing 6.25oz (177g). The Garberg is the full tang Mora that many in the survivalist community have been calling for. Both the carbon and stainless versions are great for general use as a camp knife, a skinning knife, and even performs capably for filleting. Since the Companion has no secondary bevel, sharpening is an easy process. This means that the blade extends 3/4ths the way towards the end of the handle. See that bit of metal peaking from the back of the pommel? The carbon steel blade is more prone to rust, so you will have to spend time maintaining the blade, but it’s also a bit more wear resistant than stainless steel. The sheath is a plastic tube. It has a 3.9” (99mm) blade with a very thin width (.07”/1.8mm). That is, until I started doing some research and realizing that no, Morakniv DOES make a $20 blade that is easily rivaled by a $150 blade. A Scandinavian knife, made from modern materials and available for a reasonable price – it is no wonder then, that the “Mora” has earned itself a popularity. The whole package stands at an impressive overall length of 8.7 inches and weight of 4.1 ounces. The blade on the Kansbol is 4.3” (109mm) and the overall length of the knife is 8.9” (226mm). Use a 1/2-inch bit and drill all the way through the handle. Since this knife does have a little bit of a thicker blade than most Mora knives, it is not the carving and slicing machine that some of those may be. This mora companion mg review shows the significant advtanages with heavy work. Drill a hole in the handle. But, again, this is a thin blade so there are many times when the spine will dig into your baton as much as the blade splits the kindling. Again, this is not going to be a knife for your heavy-duty bushcraft jobs. Even when it comes to jobs such as batoning, the Outdoor 2000 does well enough. You may need to use another knife to bevel the edges of the hole. The program enables us to earn money by linking to and affiliated websites. I feel like it’s easier to sharpen a carbon blade in the field, but that’s purely anecdotal. As far as I’m concerned, the Mora Companion is the perfect starter knife — easy to use, gentle on the budget, simple to sharpen. Firemaking: The new 90° spine that Mora is putting on their knives is excellent! It’s just a little out of my price range. Shaving fatwood, processing food, cleaning fish and small game… these knives are incredibly versatile and durable. The regular Companion is a roughly ¾-tang knife that weighs in at 4.2oz (118g). Using a knife properly, you can cut down a tree, prepare food, process firewood, dig holes, and whittle other tools. It is a more expensive knife compared to other Mora knives. Check Out a National Park Half Marathon, Knockaround Sunglasses — The Only Sunnies I Ever Wear, The Gerber Paraframe: An Inexpensive Pocket Knife for EDC, WeeCasa Tiny House Resort: Living Large in a Small Space, No More Excuses: Smash Through Obstacles and Have an Adventure. Morakniv does tend to divide up the community a little bit, there’s no doubt. Has anyone else reached a point where even opportunity makes you feel quite anxious, or is it just me? The specifications do not say which stainless it is, but I think it might be one of the Sandvik steels, probably 13C26, if I had to guess. Their carbon steel is a little harder at HRC 58-60, but it’s also more brittle. No matter how well you care for the carbon steel blade, eventually it will take on a gray matte appearance, and perhaps even an oxidation pattern. Pros: (+) Combination grind, very versatile (+) A great knife for hunting and fishing (+) Handles very well when cutting Cons: (-) Rounded spine, not good for fire starting (-) Not designed for heavy-duty. No special angles, just consistent work on both sides of the blade. That said I don't misuse my knifes (I own several saws and axes) and my Mora Companion is my favorite even with a drawer full of more expensive knives. from - … The sheath is molded plastic and has a belt clip that is capable of rotating to make for more comfortable sitting while wearing it. amzn_assoc_design = "enhanced_links"; Sheaths will differ as well. MSRP: $24.99 Was: $24.99 Our Price: $17.95. There is an unending battle on knife forums online about which is superior, why that’s the case, so on and so forth. Best Assisted Opening Knives Under $100 for EDC in 2020, The 8 Best Emerson Knives in 2020 That Can Save Your Behind. At 3.6” (91mm) the blade is shorter than the Bushcraft or Garberg, although it does have the same .125” (3.2mm) width. Survivor’s Fortress participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. That was over five years ago now, and that same knife is going strong. Nothing against the ESEE; everything I’ve heard indicates that it’s a great knife too. The handle is a molded plastic/rubber grip. The blade is extremely sharp and holds its edge well. Prices on Amazon fluctuate, but the most I’ve ever seen it … There are several models of the Bushcraft series, but we decided to review the Morakniv Bushcraft Survival because it has some features that you might find more interesting. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; How do you like your PKS? While I wish this knife was more along the price range of their Classic’s or Companion’s (sub $20), it does jump up to the $60 range. Often it’s been given as an example of how even the smallest of tangs can make a useful knife. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. As you will see, most Mora knives—particularly at the low end of the price scale—have thinner and lighter blades. The Craftline features a 1095 carbon steel blade and is a knife that has a high level of versatility. For other jobs, though, the Morakniv Garberg is a very capable knife with an intuitive feel. The blade thickness is a little shy of .1 in (2.5mm), and the spine is a crisp 90°. The Clipper 840 is the classic Mora in many ways. The thing about the Mora Companion that turns most heads is that it’s so inexpensive. This means that the steel of the blade extends into the handle for three quarters of its length. Does great gear always cost a lot? But there are some features that might justify that added cost. It handles push cuts very well and moves through wood effortlessly. This is your daily reminder that you’re awesome. In some cases, even if you’re not on a budget, a Mora is going to be your best bet. It is a lightweight knife too, weighing in at 5.2oz (142g). Mora does sell specific bushcraft models with an unpolished spine, but I’ve never felt the need to buy a different knife; instead I took a file to my Mora Companion’s spine. As the editor of Survivor’s Fortress, he is committed to providing with the most accurate and up-to-date tips and information to help you become more self-reliant and keep you prepared for whatever life throws at you. A multi-mount sheath that is MOLLE compatible comes standard, but there is also a leather sheath option. At 9.6oz it is heavy for a Mora and like the Bushcraft Survival, the blade thickness is .125” (3.2mm). They are designed to be inexpensive, extremely sharp, light to medium-duty knives that are durable for that level of use. The tang runs three-quarters of the way up the knife so that you can work with power and precision. Morakniv (or Mora as most people know it) is a Swedish knife manufacturer that has been in business since 1891. That’s because they grind, polish, and buff the spine before it leaves the factory. I bought a companion, my first Mora, still wary and half expecting to recieve a piece of junk. The Scandi grind makes for easy sharpening and is one of the features that allow Mora knives to have such razor sharpness. It comes with a plastic friction fit sheath. You simply can’t beat the quality to price ratio. Pros: (+) Full tang, extremely durable (+) Heavy and a thick blade for Mora (+) Sharp spine sparks a ferro rod very well Cons: (-) On the short side for a survival knife (-) More expensive than typical Moras. With that being said, Moras are not necessarily “full service” survival knives that many in the prepping community want. The Companion is exactly the right size for the sort of general outdoor tasks you would call on it to do. View our extensive range of Morakniv Knives, from Mora Clipper/Companions knives to wood carving knives. Gear is expensive. The Morakniv Companion comes in a variety of models. Both stunk. The overall length is 8.8” (224mm). As far as I’m concerned, the Mora Companion is the knife to buy, and will serve you well for years to come (even if you decide to upgrade later). The Garberg (left) attempts to improve on Morakniv's classic Companion (right) with a stronger, heavier design. The company’s reputation is grounded in its association with the Swedish military. Some more experienced trekkers and bushcrafters might prefer a longer blade, but I’ve never had a need for anything larger. Also, like the Kansbol, the width is .1” (2.5mm). These are not going to replace your primary, heavy-duty bushcraft knife. While the higher end knife was a full tang knife it still ran the dreaded rubber handles. The Morakniv Companion comes in a variety of models. Companion is the perfect knife for an adventure, a real all-round knife. The blade is made of stainless steel which makes knife care extra easy. The Scandi grind dulls faster than other knife grinds, but is much more easily sharpened, especially in the field. The regular Companion is a roughly ¾-tang knife that weighs in at 4.2oz (118g). Prices on Amazon fluctuate, but the most I’ve ever seen it going for is $19.99. Learn how your comment data is processed. Mora Companion/Clipper Extended Tang We’ve all grown familiar with the Mora Clipper over the years. Some people love it, others like me, don’t, but the incredible shortness of its tang was always a point of contention with this knife. There are exceptions, however, and if you’re starting your outdoor kit, the best twenty dollars you can spend will acquire you a Mora Companion, one of the best damn knives you didn’t know you needed. They’re incredibly popular with the bushcrafting community because they’re high quality but also inexpensive, a difficult pairing to find when it comes to reliable outdoor tools. I’m not a metallurgist, but here’s my take on it. Sure, your Mora will never cut down a tree as well as an axe, dig a hole as well as a shovel, or process firewood as well as a hatchet and saw, but you get some of the functionality of all of these implements in one lightweight tool. See also: The Best Kershaw Knives for Survivalists, Pros: (+) Lightweight for easy carry (+) Very fluid when slicing and carving (+) Razor sharp from the factory Cons: (-) Knife tends to hang a little bit loose in the sheath (-) Rounded spine, not as effective for ferro rod striking. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; amzn_assoc_region = "US"; You can always use the Mora for a year, learn how to properly use and take care of it, and then upgrade over time. The Mora Companion isn’t the only knife out there, but it is the only knife in this price range that boasts this kind of quality. Note that there are different Mora Companion blade options. When first recommended to me, I also figured that I was buying a bargain basement knife that I would need to replace in short order. They’re getting recommendations for $200 knives from people, and I’m always shocked. The stick tang looks like a rat tail comb women use. To enable you to put plenty of force behind the knife without losing precision, the Mora Companion sports a three quarters tang. Your email address will not be published. Buy Companion Series, The all-in-one knife for outdoor buffs, the patterned high-friction grip makes the knife pleasant to hold and easy to handle. Best part is that if you DO break one, no need to cry because you’ve only lost maybe an hour or two’s worth of pay. Like many who come here, you may have gotten the sneaking suspicion that spending a small fortune on gear is not an absolute necessity when it comes to survival preparedness. With that in mind, we’d love to hear what you have the say on the subject. Conrad Novak is a proud father of two children. Price Range: The Mora Bushcraft Black is in line with the Morakniv quality we’ve all come to know and love. With a blade length of just over 4 inches and an overall length of just under nine, this knife comes equipped with a … If you are batoning, for example, you will find out that you are going to have to use a fairly heavy baton to make it work. You can get a Mora Companion with either a stainless steel blade, or one made of carbon steel. The rubberized handle features a finger guard and grips very well for precision use, although it is a little bit on the small side. …But not quite. I’ve actually never used the Pro before… They’re pretty cheap on amazon right now though, so I’m thinking of picking one up just to see how I like it. Still, these knives are likely not going to be your top choice if you are planning on heavy batoning and heavy chopping every single day. The Mora Garberg is a full tang knife and entered the range in 2016. The Mora Companion’s spine won’t draw sparks off of a fire steel or similar firestarter. Companion is one of our most popular knives, because, as the name suggests, it is such a reliable companion. In my opinion, this balance works out perfectly; you may need to sharpen the blade more often, but you’ll spend less time doing so. The blade is made of carbon steel that we have treated according to our secret company recipe for optimal results. It still handles these tasks well—just not as deftly as some of the thinner blades. Like the Kansbol, the Clipper has the comfortable rubberized handle with a contoured diamond pattern in the middle for a secure grip. It weighs 4.1oz (116g). That is just not what Mora knives are designed for. Spend 15 minutes doing something you love just because you love doing it. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; The price is an un-Mora like $20. The Morakniv Craftline is also a lightweight, mid-tang knife, weighing in at 4.7oz (133g). Most notably, it is available with either a stainless steel blade, or in HC steel. Because the company has been in business for long, combined with the fact that their entire manufacturing process is still housed in one location, allows Morakniv to make very high-quality knives. On top of that, the 3/4 tang prevents it from giving in against the work applied. By the way, my local Sportsman’s warehouse now carries both in stainless only. Both feature 4.1-inch blades, high friction rubber handles, and molded plastic belt sheaths. Go to the link and you will see. Others tend to go exclusively for full tang knives that they know are going to stand up to whatever they can throw at them, and take it for an extended period of time. For starters, it sports a reliable blade length of 4.1 inches and thickness of 2.5 mm. The sheath is lightweight, at only 3.5oz, and the upgrade can be had for a modest price. There is also a Companion Heavy Duty model that is about 1/8” thicker.. Spend a little time shopping for equipment, and it won’t take long to learn that a proper outdoor kit can really hurt the wallet. Send us your questions and inquiries and we'll get back to you, asap. The Morakniv Companion MG Stainless Knife is a new and improved version of their popular entry-stage model, formerly known as the Mora Training Knife or 'Clipper'. There are two major differences between the Garberg and its more budget-minded cousins like the Companion. In this video I want to show you a new Mora for 2015, the Robust Pro Series. Most notably, it is available with either a stainless steel blade, or in HC steel. It was eagerly awaited and has been very well accepted by the bushcraft fraternity. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. While most of Mora’s lower lines employ carbon blades (yes, I know you can get the Companion in stainless), the Garberg utilizes Sandvik 14C28N. You will specifically notice that it cuts very fluidly when you use it. I’m buying one for my daughter when we start fishing this year. The overall length is just over 8.5” (219mm), with the blade being 4” (1054mm). You will be pleasantly surprised that a knife of this price level is such a terrific carving knife. Still an excellent value, but I'd like to see them down in the $15 range. Pros: (+) Excellent control and ergonomics (+) Sharp spine for ferro rod sparking (+) Good grip for wet weather handling Cons: (-) Thinner blade (-) Sharp spine not good for batoning, The Kansbol is another Mora that has design features to make it a more versatile knife. Companion is the perfect knife for an adventure, a real all-round knife. The overall length of the Clipper 840 is 8.5” (216mm). Morakniv is a good case in point when it comes to finding good fixed blade knives at a reasonable price. I’ve heard great things but have never had the opportunity to use one. Even with harder materials or the “paper test” this knife’s sharpness and the ease with which it cuts are impressive. For me, the stainless steel’s primary benefit is aesthetic; it’s not going to rust or take on a patina, so it stays shiny. First is the main thrust of its existence – That glorious, full tang construction. Mora Companion Heavy Duty Orange - Carbon Steel. The Companion has a 4” blade, a 4.5” handle, and an overall length of about 8.5”. Though it’s not full tang, I’m not afraid of batoning with it…And apparently, it’s not afraid of batoning tasks either. What’s the current price? 99 - $106.99 $ 106 . If you need a something dependable but are on a budget, it really is hard to recommend anything that will top a Mora. It handles most cutting jobs with ease and since the Bushcraft Survival is a little more substantial, it can take more of a beating than some of your less expensive Mora knives. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; Many swear by them because of their price-to-performance ratio. The Morakniv Clipper is available in both a carbon steel version (UHB-20C, comparable to 1095), as well as a stainless model. You simply lay the single bevel flat on your sharpening stone, and run the blade down the stone. You can learn more here about the blade materials used. The tang runs three-quarters of the way up the knife, so that you can work with power and precision. One of the most common blades they make is known as the Mora Companion. The blade on the Morakniv Outdoor is 4.3” (109mm) and features a combination grind. Pros: (+) Heavier, more durable than other Moras (+) Thick handle for comfortable gripping (+) Sheath make it a viable survival knife Cons: (-) Expensive (-) Not full tang for extremely rugged use. amzn_assoc_asins = "B004TNWD40"; It is an excellent knife to use whilst learning basic bushcraft techniques (being sturdy enough to withstand harsh treatment), while still being of a high enough quality to use once you are more proficient in knife work. In fact, it can run counter to your efforts in many ways when you waste valuable resources. New @cotopaxi masks for my new job. That’s not a criticism of the Mora, but if a full tang is a priority to you, the Mora Companion might not be the right knife for you. They are durable, but not the extreme durability one finds in survival knives that are larger (both length and width), heavier, and use more durable grades of steel. (For some basics on knife grinds and their functions, this is a good resource.). There is also a Companion Heavy Duty model that is about 1/8” thicker. The outer portion is TPE and it also has an inner polypropylene grip, which allows the knife to handle both securely and with a really agile precision. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; The blade is 4.3” (109 mm). Mora Companion Magenta - Stainless Steel. The standard Mora Companion’s use traditional Scandi Grind, this is one grind and doesn’t take awfully long to do. We have control over the entire production, as it’s we who carry out each step of the process. Mora Companion Heavy Duty MG Carbon is a thicker version of the popular Mora Companion produced by Morakniv. They have a wide selection of versatile knives that are capable of fitting almost every niche. For practical purposes, however, the plastic sheath is both more functional and also less expensive. Even more remarkable, these knives come in at prices that are beyond highly competitive, considering the amount of knife that you get. Blade thickness is a shade under .1” (2.5mm). I’ve tried plenty of aftermarket solutions, but haven’t found any of those that I like either, so I won’t judge Mora too harshly. In the shadow of President Trump's refusal to concede the election, I'm looking at how President-elect Joe Biden will treat our public lands. Speaking of weight, the Mora Companion is incredibly light in the hand. Adding to this great sense of feel is the knife’s ergonomic handle. Then there’s the HD… The Mora Companion is built with efficiency and comfort in mind. Garberg comes with a multi mount sheath (there's a leather option too) while the companion has the standard Mora plastic sheath. So it doesn’t “rival the quality Morakniv puts out there”, it is the exact same thing.